As part of the Epic process, internal emails from 2015 were released providing new information about Xcode Ghost

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The current court case between Apple and Epic keeps causing surprises, so Apple had to publish numerous internal documents. Internal emails published in which Apple managers commented on an incident in 2015 are particularly embarrassing for Apple.

At the end of 2015, unknown hackers had provided a version of Apple’s Xcode development environment, which could be downloaded more easily and quickly in China than from lame Apple servers.

Especially among Chinese developers, this was later used as Xcode Ghost infamous developer software that the hackers secretly manipulated. …

How To Get a Positive ROI From Vehicles

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91% of the people in the United States have access to at least one vehicle. However, probably less than 10% of that group, is taking full advantage of the best car ownership hacks and tips that you can follow.

By implementing these yourself, you can make your life much easier and save yourself a ton of time. Not to mention, most of these strategies are very inexpensive if not completely free.

I just have to make a quick disclaimer here, that I am not a financial advisor, and none of these hacks are any kind of financial advice. …

The Selection of Games For The Mac Is Growing Steadily, And Gaming On The Mac Is No Longer a Niche

Games On Mac

Gaming on the Mac — a niche phenomenon for a long time, as the selection of Mac-compatible games were very limited for many years. However, with the increasing popularity of macOS (the market share has tripled in the last decade) the platform is also becoming more and more interesting for game developers.

Here is a list of the 11 best Mac games. Some of them are popular titles and some of them are my own personal choice. But all of these are pretty interesting.

NOTE: The following games are named alphabetically, it is not a ranking. All of these games…

A Clever Idea Based On Siri Shortcuts: The iPhone’s Wallpaper Warns Of a Low Battery Before It’s Too Late

Dynamic Wallpaper

Since Apple introduced the iPhone X in 2017, the developer had to redesign the menu bar at the top of the screen, which caused the battery percentage display to fall victim. Although the system warns when the battery level has dropped to 20 percent, this warning sometimes comes too late, especially when you are on the move.

The dynamic iPhone wallpapers, which change with the battery status, provide a remedy: There is an extra image for a fully charged battery, for the battery that is charging, and for an empty or half-empty battery that needs to be plugged in.


The pressure on Apple is great to deal with allegations of anti-competitive behavior

Image by Daniel Heilig from Pixabay

Apple does whatever it wants and nothing else. At least that’s what the company would like best — but sometimes courts, laws, and governments get in the way.

Right now, some Apple executives are testifying in court while others are pondering the European Commission’s finding that the company has displayed anti-competitive behavior. And so it looks like Apple is reaching a point where it has to do some things that it actually doesn’t want to do.

The big question is whether Apple will be able to negotiate with the relevant authorities and offer minor changes that would take the pressure…

Apple’s Digital Assistant Will Be Ten Years Old This Fall

Apple Siri

“Hey, Siri” can work wonders in an Apple household, after all, Apple has also brought its digital assistant to Homepods and Apple TV, which serve as the control center for smart devices in the household.

Users can turn on lights, turn up the heating or start the irrigation system by voice. Siri is also available on the Apple Watch, of course on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

What Is Siri?

If you set up an iPhone again, the iOS startup assistant suggests setting up Siri. …

Here’s hoping…

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If you’ve been looking for evidence that Apple was serious about Siri, a report from the Reiters news agency should pique your interest. The publication reports that Apple hired former Google AI researcher Samy Bengio after recently leaving the company after 14 years.

Bengio will reportedly lead a new AI research unit with another Google defector, John Giannandrea, who took over the role of Senior Vice President of Machine Learning and AI Strategy at Apple in 2018. Together they will have the task of making Siri competitive with Google Assistant again.

Siri Needs To Get Smarter

Bengio left Google last month after two of his…

The reasons for their success

Grow Rich Cook

In recent years, Apple has soared that it’s hard to put it in the right context. Apple sets a new record almost every quarter. And yet this second quarter, which spans the first three months of the 2021 calendar, was special.

I’ve been reading Apple’s financial reports and creating charts for them for 5 years. And it’s the first time I’ve looked at the numbers on the Apple website and think it’s some kind of typo. Perhaps a stressed-out Apple accountant struggled a little with the number pad on his keyboard and entered a few extra numbers here and there.

How Can You Cure Brain Fog To Become Hyper Focused On Your Goals

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The Human Brain is such a fascinating machine, millions and billions of calculations are occurring inside of our heads every single day. And according to the Independent: The human brain is the most complex structure in the universe. And we barely have scratched the surface of what it’s capable of. But for that very reason, we don’t really understand it fully.

Why is it that some days it seems like our brain is our best friend, we are full of confidence, full of energy, witty, sharp as a tack. While other days it feels like our worst enemy. You feel…

Next Level Note Taking Tips On iPad And iPhone

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If you are not an elephant with a proverbially good memory, you certainly always have something to write down — whether this is the weekly shopping list, flashes of inspiration, or diary notes. The Notes app is one of the most popular applications on the iPad and iPhone or Mac. The numerous possibilities that it offers cannot always be discovered at first glance.

The app is also being continuously developed. Also with the upcoming update to iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, The Notes app will certainly get some new functions again. …

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