Apple sacrificing the HomePod could indicate that they’re on the right track

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Sometimes, if you stare at something too long, you start to see patterns that aren’t really there. I worry this will happen to me when I think about Apple’s smart home strategy. Has Apple dared a fresh start? Is Cupertino preparing some exciting products or new spins for various smart home categories? Above all, is the end of the Homepod a new beginning for Apple’s smart home strategy? I would like to say YES!

There Is HOPE

Two years ago, Apple hired a former Microsoft executive to lead its smart home efforts. …

Are We Ready For Apple’s Next Generation M2 Chips?

Apple M2 Chip

According to recent reports, Apple is working on the next generation of laptops powered by the M2 chip. Tom’s Guide recently published an article leaking apple’s production booking for the next generation Apple macs.

Once again these chips would be manufactured by Taiwanese firm TSMC, and based on a 4-nanometer fabrication process node. The current M1 chip is based on 5-nanometer process technology and it has over 16 billion transistors in it, which is the most that Apple has ever put into a chip.

Packing more transistors in a chip means…

The concern over SSD wear on M1 Macs shouldn’t be ignored

Apple M1 Mac

Some recent reports have shown that users of M1 Macs experience what they consider to be inappropriate, excessive SSD usage, around 15TB written in two months. This is a lot, and almost certainly due to the swapping of the main memory on the SSD.

The reports have become a cause for concern for M1 Mac owners, but is that really a problem? While it’s true that SSDs have a finite lifespan, how long that SSD lasts depends on how you use your Mac.

SSD Lifespan

A common misconception about SSDs is that they don’t last very long. This is partly due to…

But iOS doesn’t fare well, either

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We all have the right to our privacy and data. And we should have 100% ownership and control of our own data and privacy. That’s what I believe in and hope for everyone.

I’m interested in practical technologies for enhancing our privacy when using online services. Recently I found some research papers from Trinity College Dublin in which professor Douglas Leith shared his experience and research papers of the study.

The interesting thing in the research was that android phones collect 20 times more data than iOS devices. That’s a very high number in…

The Sixth Preliminary Version of iOS 14.5 Is Available

Apple released the sixth beta of iOS 14.5 for developers yesterday evening, the public beta should follow today. The update is getting more and more extensive, two more new features are new in the sixth preliminary version.

In the future, Apple will allow the choice of which voice Siri should speak when setting up the system, previously the female voice was preset. Some new voice options have now been added to the digital assistant.

iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max users will find that the battery health…

What can we expect?


Apple might release its new Apple tv generation 6th in 2021. Throughout 2020 there were multiple rumors suggesting that Apple TV 6 is on its way. But unfortunately, we saw a delay in the release of Apple TV.

Apple TV’s last update was released in the year 2017 and since then Apple hasn’t released the new model. Here is a quick history of Apple TV Generations:

  • Apple TV (first-Gen): Jan 2007
  • Apple TV (second-Gen): Sep 2010 (4 years later)
  • Apple TV (third-Gen): Mar 2012 (1.5 years later)
  • Apple TV (fourth-Gen): Oct 2015 (3.5 years later)
  • Apple TV (fifth-Gen, 4K): Sep…

How To Approach New Topics And Learn Things Fast?

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Continuous learning is essential for human existence. As food is essential for our physique, continuous learning and information nourish our minds. But as we know, time is changing and we have to be flexible and change our strategies for learning. Because change is constant!

As Heraclitus famously said, “The only thing that is constant is change.”

If you want to be a master learner then you must have to adapt and create learning strategies according to the time and environment. The strategies that were used in schools in the 1950s aren’t that effective in today's modern world.

We are living…

What Are The Shared Characteristics of Mentally Strong People?

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Imagine a moment where you are anxious, frustrated, afraid, angry, or heartbroken. These are the feelings that none of us wants to feel very often because these feelings make us uncomfortable. While it’s not possible to completely stop these types of moments in your life, but some people have a very unique ability to understand what’s going on in their head and control their emotions and thoughts about that specific emotion.

Here are some common characteristics that mentally strong people have.

They Are Emotionally Intelligent

When it comes to mental strength, Emotional intelligence plays a vital role. You cannot become a mentally strong person…

Apple Has a Hidden Music Quiz On The iPhone That You Can Use To Put Your Knowledge To The Test

How to Enable the iPhone’s Secret Feature

Over the years, your music library has surely accumulated a lot. Perhaps there are still tracks and albums in the music app that you transferred back then from a CD to your media library via iTunes.

And your music database should have grown even faster. But do you really know all the songs and their performers? No! Let’s find out how you can take a simple quiz to explore your music experience on your iPhone.

You can test this knowledge in a music quiz from Apple. You don’t even need your own app for this. …

Become a Master At Managing Your Time And Skills Effectively

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In today’s ever-changing fast-paced society where time is becoming more and more limited and we need to figure out how we can get things done in a more effective and efficient way.

We have to develop tools and strategies to be a very effective and efficient person in this modern world. The Tools we build for ourselves are the Tools that’ll build us. As Marshall McLuhan famously said:

“First we build the tools, and then the tools build us.”

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